Looking Glass

Located in the Pisgah National Forest, this waterfall is viewable from the road, where you can park beside the creek and walk up to a viewing platform.

The spray from the Looking Glass Waterfall coats everything around the base of it and then it freezes in the cold weather. This little tree at the bottom of the viewing area is holding on to the soil and its roots are covered with ice.  The creek is seen flowing by in the background.

The waterfall is easily visible in the winter, when the leaves have dropped.  So many people have visited this waterfall, it is the most photographed waterfall in North Carolina. I think because it’s very easy to get to – also because it’s so beautiful.

Ice coats the rocks at the base of the waterfall.  Sometimes the ice is so thick the water stops flowing.  In the summer, people like to climb out on the rocks and swim in the creek there.  When we visited, there were a dozen cars with Florida license plates, it is a great place for tourists to come see the beauty of the state.

See slow-motion video below.