Summer Explorations


Sunshine and Waterfalls

Despite the waves of Covid, we have done some traveling this year.  In July, we went to Park Springs, Utah for a week.  In August we had a quick weekend in Las Vegas, and in September we explored our own North Carolina mountains.  Nobody has gotten sick and we enjoyed seeing a variety of landscapes and wildlife.  


It seems like everyone except us has been to Park City, Utah.  We decided to find out what we had been missing.  We took a week off from work to celebrate our 37th wedding anniversary.  Park City and its surroundings was peaceful and beautiful and not too hot – a perfect place to spend a week in summer… if you can afford it!


There weren’t very many people around during the day on the weekend we spent in Las Vegas.  That’s because the high temperature was 110 degrees fahrenheit!  I left Jim to his conference and toured the Red Rock Canyon.  It was a sweaty experience but when I got it out of my eyes, the sights were worth it!


The leaves hadn’t started changing yet in the Marion, NC area, but it was a great place to spend a weekend because it was nice and cool.  We hiked up a waterfall and drove up to Mount Mitchell, the highest point in the Eastern US.  We got there after sunset and tried to take some pictures of stars, but that is much harder than I expected.