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Weekend on the Gulf Coast

Weekend on the Gulf Coast

Sailing, Fishing & Family

  • Author: debby
  • Date Posted: Jul 19, 2017
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  • Address: gulfport, ms

We had an excellent adventure sailing with North Star Sailing Charters on Friday night, July 14.  Captain Jim King provided an experience that we will never forget.  When we started our cruise, he gave us a safety briefing and a drink holder and even had our names memorized before we were out of the harbor.  He encouraged us to explore his wonderful boat and let my sister-in-law Andra do the steering.  His hospitality was unusually excellent, and he made extra effort to find us porpoises to photograph.  The sunset was lovely and we enjoyed every minute of the experience.  Jim is a true professional.


On Saturday, a big group of us headed out to do some deep sea fishing with Skipper Charters, where we caught red snapper, shark and a trigger fish.  We started out pretty fresh and excited but by 2:30 we thought we were going to die of the heat.  The fish were not doing a lot of biting, so we didn’t catch our limits, but we had a great time and nobody got seasick!  Although Dennis was proud of catching the first fish, the big winner of the day award went to Gabe and Daniel, who both reeled in sharks that weighed over 50 lbs.  They split a good pot and Daniel got to take the trophy home for a while since Gabe went straight to sleep when we got back.


That night, we celebrated Pop’s August birthday with a big party and cake and he even blew out the candles.

Take a look at my video at this link.  It may take a few seconds to load, depending on your wifi speed.


It was a wonderful weekend with family, and we had a fabulous time.


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